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"Exploitation" does not belong to a depraved, or imperfect and primitive society it belongs to the nature of the living being as a primary organic function, it is a consequence of the intrinsic Will to Power, which is precisely the Will to Life - Granting that as a theory this is a novelty - as a reality it is the fundamental fact of all history - let us be so far honest towards ourselves!

Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter 9, What is Noble?, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

A living thing seeks above all to discharge its strength - life itself is will to power; self-preservation is only one of the indirect and most frequent results thereof.

Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter 1, The Prejudices of Philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

The desire for distinction is the desire to dominate others even if it be merely in an indirect fashion one felt or even only dreamt of.

Daybreak, Striving For Distinction, Friedrich Nietzsche    

Truth must either attract power to its side or else side with power for otherwise it will perish again and again.

Daybreak, Book 5 501-575, Friedrich Nietzsche    

Men submit from habit to everything that seeks power.

Human, All-Too-Human : Part One, 260. THE PREJUDICE IN FAVOUR OF GREATNESS, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Not contentment, but more power; not peace at any price, but war; not virtue, but efficiency (virtue in the Renaissance sense, virtu , virtue free of moral acid).

The AntiChrist, Chapter 2, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Life itself appears to me as an instinct for growth, for survival, for the accumulation of forces, for power : whenever the will to power fails there is disaster.

The AntiChrist, Chapter 6, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Belief is always most desired, most pressingly needed, where there is a lack of will: for the will, as the affect of command, is the distinguishing characteristic of sovereignty and power.

The Gay Science : Fifth Book, 347. Believers and their Need of Belief, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

The struggle for existence is only an exception, a temporary restriction of the will to live. The struggle - be it great or small - always concerns superiority, on growth and expansion, around power - in accordance with the will to power, which is the will to live.

The Gay Science : Fifth Book, 349. The Origin of the Learned once more, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

We do not by any means think it desirable that the kingdom of righteousness and peace should be established on earth (because under any circumstances it would be the kingdom of the profoundest mediocrity and Chinaism); we rejoice in all men, who like ourselves love danger, war and adventure, who do not make compromises, nor let themselves be captured, conciliated and stunted; we count ourselves among the conquerors; we ponder over the need of a new order of things, even of a new slavery for every strengthening and elevation of the type "man" also involves a new form of slavery.

The Gay Science : Fifth Book, 377. We Homeless Ones, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

If we make sacrifices in doing good or in doing ill, it does not alter the ultimate value of our actions; even if we stake our life in the cause, as martyrs do for the sake of our church : it is a sacrifice to our longing for power, or for the purpose of conserving our sense of power.

The Gay Science : First Book, 13. The Theory of the Sense of Power, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Either we have no dreams or our dreams are interesting. One must learn to be awake in the same fashion: either not at all, or in an interesting manner.

The Gay Science : Third Book, 232. Dreaming, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

A change of values - that means, a change of the creators of values. He who has to be a creator always has to destroy.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Thousand and One Goals, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

That there is struggle and inequality and war for power and supremacy even in beauty: that does he here teach us in the plainest parable.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Tarantulas, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

You know only the sparks of the spirit: but you do not see the anvil which the spirit is, nor the ferocity of its hammer!

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Famous Philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Yes, something invulnerable, unburiable is within me, something that breaks rocks: it is called my will.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Funeral Song, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Only where there is life, is there also will: not, however, Will to Life, but - so teach I you - Will to Power!

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Self-Overcoming, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

And he who has to be a creator in good and evil - truly, he has first to be a destroyer, and break values.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Self-Overcoming, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Do not will anything beyond your power: there is an evil falseness in those who will beyond their power.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Higher Man, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Out of life's school of war: What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.

Twighlight of the Idols, Maxims and Arrows, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote


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