Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes Quotations :  BOREDOM

Is not life a hundred times too short for us - to bore ourselves?

Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter 7, Our Virtues, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

The champions of truth are hardest to find, not when it is dangerous to tell it, but rather when it is boring.

Human, All-Too-Human : Part One, 506. REPRESENTATIVES OF TRUTH, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

He who fortifies himself completely against boredom fortifies himself against himself too. He will never drink the most powerful elixir from his own innermost spring.

Human, All-Too-Human : The Wanderer and His Shadow, 200. THE SOLITARY SPEAKS, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Only the highest and most active animals are capable of being bored. The boredom of God on the seventh day of Creation would be a subject for a great poet.

Human, All-Too-Human : The Wanderer and His Shadow, 56. INTELLECT AND BOREDOM, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Against boredom even gods struggle in vain.

The AntiChrist, Chapter 48, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

It is common to scare away boredom by every means, just as it is common to work without pleasure.

The Gay Science : First Book, 42. Work and boredom, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote


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