In the end things must be as they are and have always been - the great things remain for the great, the abysses for the profound, the delicacies and thrills for the refined, and, to sum up shortly, everything rare for the rare.

Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter 2, The Free Spirit, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

A nation is a detour of nature to arrive at six or seven great men.

Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter 4, Maxims and Interludes, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

"Thou must obey some one, and for a long time; otherwise thou wilt come to grief, and lose all respect for thyself" - this seems to me to be the moral imperative of nature, which is certainly neither "categorical," as old Kant wished (consequently the "otherwise"), nor does it address itself to the individual (what does nature care for the individual!)

Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter 5, On the Natural History of Morals, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

And like the father, so also do the teacher, the class, the priest, and the prince still see in every new individual an unobjectionable opportunity for a new possession.

Beyond Good and Evil, Chapter 5, On the Natural History of Morals, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

All rules have this effect: they distract our attention from the fundamental aim of the rule and make us more thoughtless.

Daybreak, Book 4 251-350, Friedrich Nietzsche    

The order of castes, the order of rank , simply formulates the supreme law of life itself; the separation of the three types is necessary to the maintenance of society, and to the evolution of higher types, and the highest types the inequality of rights is essential to the existence of any rights at all.

The AntiChrist, Chapter 57, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Who can attain to anything great if he does not feel in himself the force and will to inflict great pain?

The Gay Science : Fourth Book, 325. What Belongs to Greatness, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote


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