It is thus only this personal feeling of misery that we get rid of by acts of pity.

Daybreak, "No Longer Thinking Of One’s Self”, Friedrich Nietzsche    

To regard states of distress in general as an objection, as something which must be abolished is the greatest nonsense on earth; having the most disastrous consequences, fatally stupid— almost as stupid as a wish to abolish bad weather — out of pity for the poor.

Ecce Homo, Why I am a Destiny, Friedrich Nietzsche    

“The good—they cannot create; they are always the beginning of the end.

Ecce Homo, Why I am a Destiny, Friedrich Nietzsche    

He that humbleth himself wishes to be exalted.

Human, All-Too-Human : Part One, 87. ST LUKE XVIII 14, IMPROVED, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

The greatest of almsgivers is cowardice.

Human, All-Too-Human : The Wanderer and His Shadow, 240. WHY BEGGARS STILL LIVE, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

The weak and the botched shall perish: first principle of our charity.

The AntiChrist, Chapter 2, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

We do not by any means think it desirable that the kingdom of righteousness and peace should be established on earth (because under any circumstances it would be the kingdom of the profoundest mediocrity and Chinaism); we rejoice in all men, who like ourselves love danger, war and adventure, who do not make compromises, nor let themselves be captured, conciliated and stunted; we count ourselves among the conquerors; we ponder over the need of a new order of things, even of a new slavery for every strengthening and elevation of the type "man" also involves a new form of slavery.

The Gay Science : Fifth Book, 377. We Homeless Ones, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

The "religion of pity" to which people would like to convert us- oh, we know well enough the hysterical little men and women who need this religion at present as a veil and an adornment!

The Gay Science : Fifth Book, 377. We Homeless Ones, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

If we make sacrifices in doing good or in doing ill, it does not alter the ultimate value of our actions; even if we stake our life in the cause, as martyrs do for the sake of our church : it is a sacrifice to our longing for power, or for the purpose of conserving our sense of power.

The Gay Science : First Book, 13. The Theory of the Sense of Power, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

There is a stupid humility that is quite common and when a person is afflicted with it, he is once and for all disqualified for being a disciple of knowledge.

The Gay Science : First Book, 25. Not Predestined for Knowledge, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Ah, how little you know of human happiness - you comfortable and benevolent people! For happiness and unhappiness are brother and sister - or even twins who grow up together - or in your case - remain small together!

The Gay Science : Fourth Book, 338. The Will to Suffering and the Compassionate, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

You want to be paid as well, you virtuous! You want reward for virtue, and heaven for earth, and eternity for your today?

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Virtuous, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Truly, I have often laughed at the weaklings, who think themselves good because their claws are blunt!

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Sublime Men, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Love ever your neighbour as yourselves - but first be such as love themselves.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Virtue That Makes Small, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

That, however, is - mediocrity, though it be called moderation.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Virtue That Makes Small, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote


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