Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes Quotations :  PHILOSOPHY AND PHILOSOPHERS

A Dionysian life task needs the hardness of the hammer and one of its first essentials is without doubt the joy to be found even in destruction.

Ecce Homo, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche    

I am not a man, I am dynamite.

Ecce Homo, Why I am a Destiny, Friedrich Nietzsche    

The strength of the aggressor can be measured by the opposition which he needs; every increase, every growth is revealed by a seeking out of more formidable opponents—or problems: a philosopher who is combative challenges even problems to a duel.

Ecce Homo, Why I am So Wise, Friedrich Nietzsche    

The affirmation of impermanence and destruction which is the decisive feature of a Dionysian philosophy; the affirmation of opposition and war, Becoming together with the radical rejection even of the concept Being— these things in any case I can recognize as being as closely related to me as anything thought to date.

Ecce Homo, The Birth of Tragedy, Friedrich Nietzsche    

As to what I understand by being a philosopher—that is to say, a terrible explosive from which everything is in danger

Ecce Homo, The Untimely Essays, Friedrich Nietzsche    


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