Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes Quotations :  MORALITY

It is a prejudice to think that morality is more favourable to the development of reason than immorality.

Daybreak, Some Theses, Friedrich Nietzsche    

Socrates and Plato are right: whatever man does he always does well, that is, he does that which seems to him good (useful) according to the degree of his intellect, the particular standard of his reasonableness.

Human, All-Too-Human : Part One, 102. "MAN ALWAYS ACTS RIGHTLY”, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

In order for once to get a glimpse of our European morality from a distance, in order to compare it with other earlier or future moralities, one must do as the traveller who wants to know the height of the towers of a city: he leaves the city.

The Gay Science : Fifth Book, 380. "The Wanderer" Speaks, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

I do not mean to moralise but to those who do, I would give this advice : if you mean ultimately to deprive the best things and states of all all honour and worth then continue to talk about them as you have been doing!

The Gay Science : Fourth Book, 292. The Preachers of Morality, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

All preachers of morality, as also all theologians have a bad habit in common: all of them try to persuade man that he is very ill, and that a severe, final, radical cure is necessary.

The Gay Science : Fourth Book, 326. Physicians of the Soul and Pain, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

Morality is the herd instinct in the individual.

The Gay Science : Third Book, 116. Herd Instinct, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

All names of good and evil are images; they do not speak out, they only hint. He is a fool who seeks knowledge from them.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Bestowing Virtue, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

For thus speaks justice to me: "Men are not equal”.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Tarantulas, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

For all things are baptized at the font of eternity, and beyond good and evil; good and evil themselves, however, are but intervening shadows and damp afflictions and passing clouds.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Before Sunrise, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

"This - is now my way - where is yours”? Thus did I answer those who asked me "the way”. For the way - it does not exist!

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, The Spirit of Gravity, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote

This demand follows from an insight that I was the first to articulate: that there are no moral facts.

Twighlight of the Idols, The "Improvers" of Mankind, Friedrich Nietzsche    Go to Quote


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