Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science.  Die fröhliche Wissenschaft.

First published in 1882.

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The Mistresses of the Masters.

A powerful con tralto voice, as we occasionally hear it in the theatre, raises suddenly for us the curtain on possibilities in which we usually do not believe ; all at once we are convinced that somewhere in the world there may be women with high, heroic, royal souls, capable and prepared for magnificent remonstrances, resolutions, and self sacrifices, capable and prepared for domination over men, because in them the best in man, superior to sex, has become a corporeal ideal.  To be sure, it is not the intention of the theatre that such voices should give such a conception of women ; they are usually intended to represent the ideal male lover, for example, a Romeo ; but, to judge by my experience, the theatre regularly miscalculates here, and the musician also, who expects such effects from such a voice.  People do not believe in these lovers ; these voices still contain a tinge of the motherly and housewifely character, and most of all when love is in their tone.  

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