Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science.  Die fröhliche Wissenschaft.

First published in 1882.

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Will and Wave.  How eagerly this wave comes hither, as if it were a question of its reaching something!  How it creeps with frightful haste into the innermost corners of the rocky cliff!  It seems that it wants to forestall someone; it seems that something is concealed there that has value, high value.  And now it retreats somewhat more slowly, still quite white with excitement, is it disappointed?  Has it found what it sought?  Does it merely pretend to be disappointed?  But already another wave approaches, still more eager and wild than the first, and its soul also seems to be full of secrets, and of longing for treasure seeking.  Thus live the waves, thus live we who exercise will!  I do not say more.  But what!  you distrust me?  Ye are angry at me, you beautiful monsters?  Do you fear that I will quite betray your secret?  Well!  Just be angry with me, raise your green, dangerous bodies as high as you can, make a wall between me and the sun as at present!  Indeed, there is now nothing more left of the world save green twilight and green lightning flashes.  Do as you will, you wanton creatures, roar with delight and wickedness or dive under again, pour your emeralds down into the depths, and cast your endless white tresses of foam and spray over them it is all the same to me, for all is so well with you, and I am so pleased with you for it all: how could I betray you!  For take this to heart!  I know you and your secret, I know your race!  You and I are indeed of one race!  You and I have indeed one secret!  

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