Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science.  Die fröhliche Wissenschaft.

First published in 1882.

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Self control. Those moral teachers who first and foremost order man to get himself into his own power, induce thereby a curious infirmity in him, namely, a constant sensitiveness with reference to all natural strivings and inclinations, and as it were, a sort of itching.  Whatever may hence forth drive him, draw him, allure or impel him, whether internally or externally it always seems to this sensitive being as if his self control were in danger: he is no longer at liberty to trust himself to any instinct, to any free flight, but stands constantly with defensive mien, armed against himself, with sharp distrustful eye, the eternal watcher of his stronghold, to which office he has appointed himself.  Yes, he can be great in that position!  But how unendurable he has now become to others, how difficult even for himself to bear, how impoverished and cut off from the finest accidents of his soul!  Yes, even from all further instruction!  For we must be able to lose ourselves at times, if we want to learn something of what we have not in ourselves.  

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