Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science.  Die fröhliche Wissenschaft.

First published in 1882.

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Aboard Ship!  When one considers how a full philosophical justification of his mode of living and thinking operates upon every individual namely, as a warming, blessing, and fructifying sun, specially shining on him; how it makes him independent of praise and blame, self sufficient, rich and generous in the bestowal of happiness and kindness; how it unceasingly transforms the evil to the good, brings all the energies to bloom and maturity, and altogether hinders the growth of the greater and lesser weeds of chagrin and discontent: one at last cries out importunately: Oh, that many such new suns were created!  The evil man, also, the unfortunate man, and the exceptional man, shall each have his philosophy, his rights, and his sunshine!  It is not sympathy with them that is necessary!  we must unlearn this arrogant fancy, notwithstanding that humanity has so long learned it and used it exclusively, we have not to set up any confessor, exorcist, or pardoner for them!  It is a new justice, however, that is necessary!  And a new solution!  And new philosophers!  The moral earth also is round!  The moral earth also has its antipodes!  The antipodes also have their right to exist!  There is still another world to discover and more than one!  Aboard ship you philosophers!  

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