Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science.  Die fröhliche Wissenschaft.

First published in 1882.

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The Anchorite Speaks.

The art of associating with men rests essentially on one’s skilfulness (which presupposes long exercise) in accepting a repast, in taking a repast, in the cuisine of which one has no confidence.  Provided one comes to the table with the hunger of a wolf everything is easy ("the worst society gives thee experience" as Mephistopheles says); but one has not always this wolf’s hunger when one needs it!  Alas!  How difficult are our fellow-men to digest!  First principle: to stake one s courage as in a misfortune, to seize boldly, to admire oneself at the same time, to take one s repugnance between one s teeth, to cram down one’s disgust.  Second principle: to "improve" one s fellow-man, by praise for example, so that he may begin to sweat out his self-complacency; or to seize a tuft of his good or "interesting" qualities, and pull at it till one gets his whole virtue out, and can put him under the folds of it.  Third principle: self-hypnotism.  To fix one’s eye on the object of one’s intercourse as on a glass button until one ceases to feel any pleasure or pain, one falls asleep unobserved, becomes rigid, and acquires poise - a household recipe used in married life and in friendship, well tested and prized as indispensable, but not yet scientifically formulated, proper name is patience.  

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