Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science.  Die fröhliche Wissenschaft.

First published in 1882.

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In Honour of Homines Religiosi.

The struggle against the church is certainly (among other things for it has a manifold significance) the struggle of the more ordinary, cheerful, confiding, superficial natures against the rule of the graver, profounder, more contemplative natures, that is to say, the more malign and suspicious men, who with long continued distrust in the worth of life, brood also over their own worth: the ordinary instinct of the people, its sensual gaiety, its "good heart" revolts against them.  The entire Roman Church rests on a Southern suspicion of the nature of man (always misunderstood in the North), a suspicion whereby the European South has succeeded to the inheritance of the profound Orient the mysterious, venerable Asia and its contemplative spirit.  Protestantism was a popular insurrection in favour of the simple, the respect able, the superficial (the North has always been more good-natured and more shallow than the South), but it was the French Revolution that first gave the scepter wholly and solemnly into the hands of the "good man" (the sheep, the ass, the goose, and everything incurably shallow, bawling, and fit for the Bedlam of "modern ideas").  

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