Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science.  Die fröhliche Wissenschaft.

First published in 1882.

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The Origin of the Learned once more.

To seek self preservation merely, is the expression of a state of distress, or of limitation of the true, fundamental instinct of life, which aims at the extension of power, and with this in view often enough calls in question self-preservation and sacrifices it.  It should be taken as symptomatic when individual philosophers, as for example, the consumptive Spinoza, have seen and have been obliged to see the principal feature of life precisely in the so-called self- preservative instinct: they have just been men in states of distress.  That our modern natural sciences have entangled themselves so much with Spinoza s dogma (finally and most grossly in Darwinism, with its inconceivably one-sided doctrine of the "struggle for existence"), is probably owing to the origin of most of the inquirers into nature: they belong in this respect to the people, their forefathers have been poor and humble persons, who knew too well by immediate experience the difficulty of making a living.  Over the whole of English Darwinism there hovers something of the suffocating air of overpopulated England, like the smell of the distress and overcrowding of small people.  But as an investigator of nature, a person ought to emerge from his paltry human nook: and in nature the state of distress does not prevail, but superfluity, even prodigality to the extent of folly.  The struggle for existence is only an exception, a temporary restriction of the will to live. The struggle - be it great or small - always concerns superiority, on growth and expansion, around power - in accordance with the will to power, which is the will to live.  

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