Friedrich Nietzsche, The AntiChrist

Der Antichrist (also could be translated as The Anti-Christian).  Written in 1888 and first published in 1895.

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The Christian concept of a god the god as the patron of the sick, the god as a spinner of cobwebs, the god as a spirit is one of the most corrupt concepts that has ever been set up in the world: it probably touches low water mark in the ebbing evolution of the god type.  God degenerated into the contradiction of life .  Instead of being its transfiguration and eternal Yea!  In him war is declared on life, on nature, on the will to live!  God becomes the formula for every slander upon the "here and now," and for every lie about the "beyond"!  In him nothingness is deified, and the will to nothingness is made holy!  

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