Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak:  Reflections on Moral Prejudice. Morgenröte: Gedanken über die moralischen Vorurteile (also could be translated as The Dawn).

Written and published in 1881.

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Christianity has done all it possibly close the circle and has even gone so far as to declare doubt itself to be a sin.  We are to be dropped into faith as by a miracle without the help of reason after which we are to float in it as the clearest and least ambiguous of elements—a mere glance at some solid ground the thought that we exist for some purpose other than floating the least movement of our amphibious nature: all this is a sin!  Let it be noted that following this decision proof and demonstration of the faith and all meditations upon its origin are prohibited as sinful.  Christianity wants blindness and intoxication and an eternal song above the waves under which reason has been drowned!  

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