Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak:  Reflections on Moral Prejudice. Morgenröte: Gedanken über die moralischen Vorurteile (also could be translated as The Dawn).

Written and published in 1881.

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Perhaps nothing is more tiresome than the sight of the continual conqueror: for more than two hundred years the world had seen Rome overcoming one nation after another the circle was closed the future seemed to be determined everything was done with a view the eternal—indeed when the Empire built anything it was erected with a view to being aere perennius.  We who know only the "melancholy of ruins" can scarcely understand the totally different melancholy of eternal construction from which men endeavoured to relieve themselves as best they could—by the frivolity of Horace for example.  Others sought different consolations from the weariness which was closely akin to despair against the deadening knowledge that all future progress of thought or heart would be hopeless that the huge spider sat everywhere and mercilessly continued to drink all the blood within its reach no matter where it might well up.  This unvoiced century—old hatred of the wearied spectators of Rome found wherever Rome's domination extended was at length vented in Christianity which united Rome "the world" and "sin" into a single concept.  The Christians took their revenge on Rome by proclaiming the immediate and sudden destruction of the world; by reinventing the future-for Rome had been able to transform everything into the history of its own past and present—a future in which Rome was no longer the most important factor and by dreaming of the last judgment—while the crucified Jew as the symbol of salvation was the greatest mockery of the superb Roman praetors in the provinces; for now they seemed to be only the symbols of ruin and a "world" ready for destruction.  

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