Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak:  Reflections on Moral Prejudice. Morgenröte: Gedanken über die moralischen Vorurteile (also could be translated as The Dawn).

Written and published in 1881.

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Those men who have moments of sublime ecstasy will feel on other more ordinary occasions rather miserable and desolate on account of the contrast between those states and from the excessive demands on their nervous energy these men come to consider such exalted moments as the true manifestation of their real selves of their "ego" and their misery and dejection on the other hand as the effect of the external environment!  ' This is why they regard their environment the age in which they live and the whole world in which they have their being with feelings of vindictiveness.  This intoxication appears to them as their true life their actual ego; and everywhere else they see only those who strive to oppose and prevent this intoxication whether of an intellectual moral religious or artistic nature.  Humanity owes no small part of its evils to these fantastic enthusiasts; for they are the insatiable sowers of the weed of discontent with one's self and one's neighbour of contempt for the world and the age and above all of world weariness.  An entire hell of criminals could not perhaps bring about such unfortunate and far—reaching consequences such heavy and disquieting effects that corrupt earth and sky as are brought about by that "noble" little community of unbridled fantastic half—mad people—of geniuses too—who cannot control themselves or experience any inner joy until they have lost themselves completely: while on the other hand the criminal often gives a proof of his admirable self-control sacrifice and wisdom and thus fosters these same qualities in those who fear him.  Through him life's sky may at times seem overcast and threatening but the atmosphere ever remains brisk and invigorating.  Furthermore these enthusiasts bring their entire strength to bear on the task of imbuing mankind with the belief that in intoxication we have all that is living in life: a dreadful belief!  As savages are now quickly corrupted and ruined by "firewater" so likewise has mankind in general been slowly and thoroughly corrupted by these spiritual "fire-waters" of intoxicating feelings and by those who keep alive the craving for them.  This may yet prove to be the ruin of Mankind.  

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