Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak:  Reflections on Moral Prejudice. Morgenröte: Gedanken über die moralischen Vorurteile (also could be translated as The Dawn).

Written and published in 1881.

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You would wish to be responsible for everything - except your dreams!  What miserable weakness, what lack of courage!  Nothing contains more of your own work than your dreams!  Nothing belongs to you as much!  Substance, form, duration, actor, spectator—in these comedies you yourself are the actors!  And yet it is just here that you are afraid and ashamed of yourselves and even Oedipus, the wise Oedipus, derived consolation from the thought that we cannot be blamed for what we dream.  From this I must conclude that the great majority of men must have dreadful dreams to reproach themselves with.  If it were otherwise, to how great an extent would these nocturnal fictions have been exploited in the interests of man's pride!  Need I add that the wise Oedipus was right that we are really not responsible for our dreams any more than for our waking life and that the doctrine of free will has as its parents man's pride and sense of power!  Perhaps I say this too often; but at least, that does not make it an error.  

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