Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak:  Reflections on Moral Prejudice. Morgenröte: Gedanken über die moralischen Vorurteile (also could be translated as The Dawn).

Written and published in 1881.

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We can think many more things than we can do and experience—i.  e.  our faculty of thinking is superficial and is satisfied with what lies on the surface - it does not even notice that it is surface.  If our intellect were evolved strictly in proportion to our strength and our exercise of this strength, the primary principle of our thinking would be that we can understand only that which we are able to do—if indeed understanding is possible at all.  The thirsty man is without water but his imagination continually brings the picture of water to his sight as if nothing could be more easily supplied.  The superficial and easily satisfied character of the intellect cannot understand real need and thus feels itself superior.  It is proud of being able to do more, to run faster and to reach the goal almost within the twinkling of an eye: and it is in this way that the domain of thought, when contrasted with the domain of action, willing and experience appears to be the domain of freedom while in reality, as foresaid, it is nothing but the domain of superficiality and self-satisfaction.  

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