Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak:  Reflections on Moral Prejudice. Morgenröte: Gedanken über die moralischen Vorurteile (also could be translated as The Dawn).

Written and published in 1881.

Rationality Ex Post Facto
Prejudice Of The Learned
Everything Has Its Day
Against The Fanciful Disharmony Of The Spheres
Be Thankful!
The Juggler And His Counterpart
Reconceiving Our Feeling Of Space
Concept Of Morality Of Custom
Counter-Motion Between The Sense Of Morality And The Sense Of Causality
Morals And Medicines Of The People
Consequence As Adjuvant Cause
Towards The New Education Of Mankind
The Signification Of Madness In The History Of Morality
The Most Ancient Means Of Solace
First Principle Of Civilisation
Goodness And Malignity
The Morality Of Voluntary Suffering
Morality And Stupefaction
Free-Doers And Freethinkers
"Fulfilment Of The Law”
Works And Faith
In What Respect We Are Most Subtle
The Proof Of A Precept
Customs And Beauty
Animals And Morals
The Value Of The Belief In Superhuman Passions
State Of Mind As Argument
Actors Of Virtue And Sin
Refined Cruelty As Virtue
Pride In Spirit
The Brake
The Contempt Of Causes, Consequences, And Reality
Moral Feelings And Conceptions
Feelings And Their Descent From Judgments
A Foolish Piety, With Arriere Pensees
Wrong Conclusions From Usefulness
Impulses Transformed By Moral Judgments
The Prejudice Concerning "Pure Spirit”
Meditations Upon Observances
To Determine The Value Of The Vita Contemplativa
Origin Of The Vita Contemplativa
How Many Forces Must Now Be United In A Thinker
Origin And Meaning
A Tragic Termination To Knowledge
Doubt In Doubt
Words Block Up Our Path
"Know Thyself" Is The Whole Of Science
The New Fundamental Feeling: Our Final Corruptibility
Belief In Inebriation
Such As We Still Are
Where Are The New Physicians Of The Soul?
Abuse Of The Conscientious
Thoughts On Disease
The "Ways”
The Apostate Of The Free Spirit
Other Fears, Other Safeties
Christianity And The Emotions
Error As A Cordial
All Spirit Finally Becomes Visible
The Needful Sacrifice
On The Origin Of Religions
Hatred Of One's Neighbour
The Broken-Hearted Ones
Brahminism And Christianity
The Faculty Of Vision
The Price Of Believers
The First Christian
The Use Of A Coarse Intellect
The Christian Vengeance Against Rome
The "Life After Death”
For The “Truth "!
A Christian Arriere Pense
Neither European Nor Noble
If You Think It Evil, You Make It Evil
The Tortures Of The Soul
Avenging Justice
A Proposal
The Compassionate Christian
The Saint's Humanity
The Theological Attack
Poor Humanity!
The Philology Of Christianity
Subtlety In Penury
The Christian Interpreters Of The Body
The Moral Miracle
Luther, The Great Benefactor
Doubt As Sin
Egoism Versus Egoism
The Honesty Of God
At The Death-Bed Of Christianity
What Is Truth?
Remedy For The Displeased
The Historical Refutation As The Decisive One
"In Hoc Signo Vinces”
One Becomes Moral
Alterations In Morals
Wherein We Are All Irrational
Awaking From A Dream
Open To Doubt
The Most Ancient Moral Judgments
There Are Two Classes Of People Who Deny Morality
Our Valuations
Against Definitions Of Moral Aims
Our Right To Our Folly
Some Theses
Self-Control And Moderation, And Their Final Motive
That Which Opposes
To The Admirers Of Objectiveness
On The Natural History Of Duty And Right
Striving For Distinction
On The Knowledge Of The Sufferer
The So-Called "Ego”
The Unknown World Of The "Subject”
In Prison
What Is Our Neighbour?
Experience And Invention
To Tranquillise The Sceptic
Cause And Effect,
The Purposes In Nature
What Is Volition?
On The Domain Of Freedom
For A Definite Purpose
Dreaming And Responsibility
The Alleged Conflict Of Motives
Aims? Will?
Moral Fashions
The Last Echoes Of Christianity In Morals
"No Longer Thinking Of One’s Self”
To What Extent We Must Beware Of Pity
Arousing Pity
Happiness In Pity
Why Double The “Ego"?
Becoming More Tender
Higher In Name Only
Praise And Blame
More Beautiful But Less Valuable
Woe To Us If This Impulse Should Rage!
Closing Our Ears To The Complaints Of Others
Looking Beyond Our Neighbour
The Cause Of "Altruism”
Looking Far Ahead
Little Unconventional Actions Are Necessary!
The Hazard Of Marriages
Here Are New Ideals To Invent
Formula Of Oath
The Malcontent
Consolation Amid Perils
Extinct Scepticism
Evil Through Exuberance
The Worship Of Natural Sounds
The Climate For Flattery
The Revivers
Vain, Greedy, And Not Very Wise
Beauty Corresponding To The Age
The Irony Of The Present Time
Against Rousseau
Perhaps Premature
A Morality Which Does Not Bore One
At The Parting Of The Ways
Unconditional Homage
A Model
The Greek Genius Foreign To Us
Another Point Of View
The Food Of The Modern Man
Tragedy And Music
The Flatterers Of Work
The Moral Fashion Of A Commercial Community
Fundamental Basis Of A Culture Of Traders
The Criticism Of Our Ancestors
To Learn Solitude
Daily Wear And Tear
As Little State As Possible!
Rough And Ready Consistency
The Old And The Young
The State As A Production Of Anarchists
Business Men
A Possible Future
Stimulants And Food
High Politics
Former German Culture
Better Men
The Desire For Perfect Opponents
Esprit And Morals
Vanity Of The Teachers Of Morals
The So-Called Classical Education
The Most Personal Questions Of Truth
Enmity Of The Germans Towards Enlightenment
Assigning Prestige To One's Country
We Are Nobler
Endurance Of Poverty
The Future Of The Nobility
Care Of Health
Against Bad Diet
Danae And The God Of Gold
The People Of Israel
The Impossible Class
The Attitude Of The Germans To Morality
A Question Of Conscience
The Utility Of The Strictest Theories
The "Thing In Itself”
To Those Who Dream Of Immortality
Wherein We Know Ourselves
Men Whose Lives Have Been Failures
What Indulgence!
The Morality Of Victims
Evil People And Music
The Artist
To Deal Like An Artist With One’s Weaknesses
Deceit In Humiliation
Dignity And Timidity
The Morality Of Sacrifice
Where Fanaticism Is To Be Desired
The Dreaded Eye
The “Edifying” Element In Our Neighbour’s Misfortune
To Be Quickly Despised
Relations With Celebrities
The Chain Wearers
Revenge In Praise
On German Virtue
From A Dispute
The “Conscientious” Ones
Dread Of Fame
Refusing Thanks
Party Grievances
Striving For Gentleness
A Hint To Moralists
The Morality Of The Stage
Fear And Intelligence
The Two Courses
Delight In Reality
The Subtlety Of The Feeling Of Power
Aristotle And Marriage
The Origin Of A Bad Temperament
Dissimulation As A Duty
Who, Then, Is Ever Alone
Night And Music
Those Who Anticipate
Conversation On Music
The Happiness Of The Evil Ones
Words Present In Our Minds
Flattering The Dog
The Quondam Panegyrist
The Amulet Of Dependent Men
Why So Sublime!
The Demon Of Power
Contradiction Incarnate And Animated
Deceiving One's Self
There Is A Time For The Theatre
Without Charm
Why So Proud?
The Orator's Scylla And Charybdis
Sick People And Art
Apparent Toleration
Festive Moods
The Purification Of Races
The Rights And Privileges Of Man
The Transformed Being
How Often! How Unexpected!
Warm And Cold Virtues
The Gracious Memory
Wherein We Become Artists
Our Ego Desires Everything
Danger In Beauty
Domestic And Mental Peace
New Things As Old Ones
What Are The Limits Of The Ego
Domestic Animals, Pets And The Like
Two Friends
The Comedy Of The Noble Souls
Where We May Say Nothing Against Virtue
A Waste
A Species Of Misconception
The Subtlety Of Serving
Hero Worship And Its Fanatics
The Appearance Of Heroism
Condescending Towards The Flatterer
"Strength Of Character”
Once, Twice, And Thrice True
The Pastime Of The Psychologist
The Destroyers Of The World
The Greek Ideal
Facta! Yes, Facta Ficta!
Not To Understand Trade Is Noble
Fear And Love
Good-Natured People
The So-Called Soul
The Forgetful Ones
The Friend Whom We Want No Longer
In The Society Of Thinkers
Parting With Something
Weak Sects
The Judgment Of The Evening
Beware Of Systemisers!
The Weather
Danger In Innocence
Living Without A Doctor When Possible
The Darkening Of The Heavens
The Psychology Of The Actor
Living And Believing Apart
Knowing Our Circumstances
A Fable
What Idealistic Theories Disclose ,
The Calumniators Of Cheerfulness
Not Yet Enough!
Right And Limits
The Bombastic Style
The Charitable Man
That Love May Be Felt As Love
What Are We Capable Of?
The Transformation Of Duties
Appearances Are Against The Historian,
The Advantage Of Ignorance
Do Not Be Deceived!
A Moral Pretence
Subtlety In Mistakes
Our Happiness Is Not An Argument Either Pro Or Con
The Enemies Of Women
The School Of The Orator
The Feeling Of Power
Not So Very Important
The Best Way To Promise
Generally Misunderstood
Freedom Of Speech
The Courage For Suffering
The Effect Of Happiness
Moral Mosquitoes
Reasons And Their Unreason
Approving Of Something
No Utilitarians
Ugly In Appearance
Different In Their Hatred
Men Of Chance
Choice Of Environment
The Criminal's Grief
Always Appearing Happy
The Cause Of Much Misunderstanding
Raising One's Self Above One's Own Lowness
To What Extent The Thinker Loves His Enemy
The Evil Of Strength
To The Credit Of The Connoisseur
Treacherous Blame
The Value Of Sacrifice
Speaking Too Distinctly
Plenty Of Sleep
What We May Conclude From Fantastic Ideals
Clean Hands And Clean Walls
Probable And Improbable
Tested Advice
Knowing One's "Individuality”
Gardeners And Gardens
The Comedy Of Pity
Curious Saints
Vain People
Pathetic And Naive
A Reflection Before Marriage
Rascality With A Good Conscience
Rather Too Awkward
Hiding One's Intelligence
The Evil Moment
The Condition Of Politeness
Dangerous Virtues
Without Vanity
How To Recognise The Choleric
Self Excuse
Moral Pampering
Dangerous Unlearning
Another Form Of Toleration
Different Pride
When We Seldom Do Justice
To Immortalise
Against Our Character
Where A Great Deal Of Gentleness Is Needed
Timid People
Without Hatred
Ingenious And Narrow-Minded
Private And Public Accusers
Voluntary Blindness
Remedum Amoris
Where Is Our Worst Enemy?
The Limits Of All Humility
Acting The Truth
Courage In A Party
Cunning Of The Victim
Through Others
Making Others Happy
In The Great Silence
For Whom The Truth Exists
We Gods In Exile
The Colour Blindness Of Thinkers
The Embellishment Of Science
Two Kinds Of Moralists
The New Passion
Likewise Heroic
The Opinions Of Opponents
Investigator And Attempter
Seeing With New Eyes
Not To Perish Unnoticed
Man And Things
Characteristics Of Happiness
Never Renounce
Why The Nearest Things Become Ever More Distant For Us
The Rule
On Education
urprise at Resistance
Where The Noblest Are Mistaken
Master And Pupil
Honouring Reality
Where Are The Poor In Spirit?
The Temptations Of Knowledge,
For Whom A Court Jester Is Needful
A Moral Interregnum
A Digression
The Primary Nature
A Virtue In Process Of Becoming
Final Taciturnity
The Great Prize
The Magnanimity Of The Thinker
Utilising Our Hours Of Danger
Hic Rhodus, Hic Salta
Slow Cures
On The Seventh Day
The Donor's Modesty
At A Meeting
A Loss Of Renown
Doubly Patient
The Kingdom Of Beauty Is Greater
The Inhumanity Of The Sage
Many At The Banquet
Another Type Of Love For One's Neighbour
Not Justifying Oneself
Where To Build One's House
The Only Means
Becoming Heavy
At The Harvest Thanksgiving Of The Intellect
Freed From Scepticism
Let Us Pass By
Love And Truthfulness
Two Germans
Seeking One's Company
Satiated With Mankind
Going Our Own Way
Far Off Perspectives
Gold And Hunger
Against The Waste Of Love
Friends In Need
Those Petty Truths
Solitude, Therefore!
Under The South Wind
On One's Own Tree
The Last Argument Of The Brave Man
Our Teachers
The Evil Principle
The Purifying Eye
Never Demand!
The Evil One
Against The Grain
Mortal Souls
One Word For Three Different Conditions
Sec 503
Practical People
The Necessary Desiccation Of Everything Good
Against The Tyranny Of Truth
Not To Take A Thing Pathetically
The Third Eye
Escaping From One's Virtues
The Temptress
Bold Towards Things
Limits And Beauty
To The Stronger
The Increase Of Beauty
Not To Imbue Our Neighbours With Our Own Demon
Tempting Into Love
Eternal Obsequies
Exceptional Vanity
Wisdom Without Ears
A Question Of Penetration
The Jealousy Of The Lonely Ones
The Effect Of Praise
Unwilling To Be A Symbol
The Hidden Men
Unusual Forbearance
How Men And Nations Gain Lustre
Digressions Of The Thinker
Different Feelings Towards Art
"Love Equalises”
We Beginners
Small Doses
Truth Requires Power
The Thumbscrew
The Moral Insanity Of Genius
Do You Know What You Want?
How We Should Turn To Stone
The Philosopher And Old Age
We Must Not Make Passion An Argument For Truth
How Philosophy Is Now Practised
But We Do Not Believe You
Slave And Idealist
The Tyrants Of The Intellect
Victory Over Power
Flight From One's Self
Knowledge And Beauty
Future Virtues
Ideal Selfishness
Circuitous Routes
The Least Important Are Sufficient
The Four Virtues
Marching Against An Enemy
Not Concealing One's Virtues
“Nothing In Excess!"
What We Are Free To Do
Letting Our Happiness Also Shine
The Settled And The Free
The Illusion Of The Moral Order Of The Universe
By The Side Of Experience
Dignity And Ignorance
Living Cheaply
In The Field
Poet And Bird
To The Lonely Ones
The Battle-Field Dispensary Of The Soul
Life Shall Comfort Us
Casting One's Skin
Never Forget!
We Aeronauts Of The Intellect

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